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THODW Wedding Underwater Photography Experience

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Pamper your love with unforgettable and precious water romance, guided by professional dive instructors and underwater photographers to create your unique underwater wedding photos.

The photo style can be tailor made to match your character traits!

Available Date:

Please contact us (upon request)

THODW Wedding Underwater Photography Experience includes:

- 2 pax of Underwater Model Experience & Underwater Photography

- 1 pax of Professional Waterproof Makeup service by DFS Beauty Experts

。One hour Professional Waterproof Makeup Service by DFS COD Beauty. 

。One MOP$1,000 DFS COD BEAUTY Gift Voucher.

。Coaching fee for teaching customer how to be an underwater model. 

。Entrance fee for the largest commercial pool in the world.

。Required diving equipment including diving suit or clothes for models (can bring your own), fins, mask, snorkel, towels, slippers, personal care set, shower room, drinking water, locker will be provided. (Towels and Slippers must be returned to the collection point after use)

。Professional Underwater Photographer. 

。Ten Professional underwater photos and 15-30 seconds video (include video post-production), all original photos and videos. 

Experience including:

- Professional Waterproof Makeup Service by DFS COD Beauty: 1 Hour 

- Stretching and teaching Basic Diving Freediving Breathing Skills by professional coach: 0.5 hour

- Diving Experience & Photography by professional underwater photographer: 2 hours 

**Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours


Original Price : MOP $14,800

Now Discount Price : MOP $ 8,888

**Before the reservation is made, guest must contact the designated diving company's instructor for analyzing their diving license and experience whether they are fit to join the tour.

Participant requirements:

1. Participants must be 12 years old or above. Participants under 18 years old must obtain a consent form signed by their parents/ guardians; Participant over the age of 60 must submit Diving medical clearance to dive master for verification. 

2. Non-swimmers are welcome.

3. The water depth will be depending on the Freediving certification held by guests. 

4. Before the reservation is made, guest must contact the designated diving company for analyzing their diving certification and experiences whether they are suitable to join the course. 

5. All participants are required to fill the PADI Free Diver Medical History Form prior acceptance to the booking. 

6. Participants require to bring their own swimsuit.

Booking Enquiries Contact :


+853 6681 6481

+853 6617 4447

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