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EFR Public Distinctive Specialty Course

EFR Public Distinctive Specialty Course is a first aid course for the general public.

Emergency First Response is one of the fastest-growing international CPR, AED and first aid training organizations.  EFR courses follow the emergency considerations and protocols as developed by the members of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), members include American Heart Association (AHA) etc, and thus EFR courses have widespread international acceptance.

The core concepts and standards of the course have essentially remained unchanged compared to the EFR Emergency First Responder (Primary Rescue and Secondary Rescue Course), except that the use of AED has become a must-learn content.

The orientation of the course allows us to reach people other than diving and teach first aid knowledge to everyone who needs it. According to statistics, the number of cardiovascular diseases ranks among the top causes of disease in the world. Most of the symptoms are sudden cardiac death, with approximately More than a thousand people die from cardiac arrest, and the total death toll reaches more than half a million people every year, ranking first in the world! However, the first aid penetration rate is less than 1%.

This course is not only suitable for community rescue training, but also for school/international school employees, parents and students, enterprises and institutions, sports event staff, emergency rescue, public institutions, etc.

Features of the course:

. It has wider adaptability and covers rescue requirements in special places in line with international development trends (such as workplace rescue).

. Save costs through e-books and visa processes to achieve lower teaching costs.

. Under the guidance of an instructor, learn the basic skills of rescuing others in an emergency. Use special human models and teaching AED machines to conduct practical exercises and scenario simulations to gain a clearer understanding of whether you have fully digested the knowledge and build your confidence in performing first aid.


**EFR Public Distinctive Specialty Course is for the non-divers. if you want to pass EFR prerequisite of some courses like PADI scuba diving course, you should be join the Emergency First Response Course.

- The content includes 14 skills:

  • Skill 1 Scene Assessment

  • Skill 2 Barrier Use

  • Skill 3 Primary Assessment

  • Skill 4 CPR – Chest Compressions

  • Skill 5 CPR – Chest Compressions Combined With Rescue Breathing

  • Skill 6 Automated External Defibrillator Use

  • Skill 7 Serious Bleeding Management

  • Skill 8 Shock Management

  • Skill 9 Spinal Injury Management

  • Skill 10 Conscious/Unconscious Choking Adult

  • Skill 11 Injury Assessment

  • Skill 12 Illness Assessment

  • Skill 13 Bandaging

  • Skill 14 Splinting

Course duration (Face to face): 7 hrs


Courses date & time:

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Price: MOP $1,090

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