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PADI Advanced Mermaid Certification Course

The PADI Advanced Mermaid Course Can help you become a princess or prince in the deep water, gently swing the mermaid tail, feel the freedom in the water, and further imitate the charm of mermaid diving, and also refining and improving your mermaid diving skills. 


- 12 years of age or older

- Holding a PADI Mermaid Certification (or have a equivalent certification from another training organization)

- Ability to swim at least 100m without swim aids

- Ability to float comfortably on the surface for at least 10 minutes

PADI Advanced Mermaid Course includes:

- Theory Session :

  • Learn the advanced knowledge for mermaid diving

- Confined Water Sessions :

  • Warm-up and stretching before entering the water;

  • Equipment preparation, putting on, removal and maintenance;

  • Entering and exiting the water;

  • Weight adjustment;

  • Dolphin kick;

  • Mermaid diving skills practice;

  • Equalization skills;

  • Safety skills (2 minutes of floating / treading water wearing all mermaid equipment; cramp relief; removal of the mermaid tail in emergency); 

  • Buddy procedures;

  • 3 types of dynamic swimming skills;

  • Mermaid exhale descent

  • Mermaid new diving skills (360° somersault, team combination movement, mermaid bubble, back swimming on the surface) practice, etc.

- Open Water Sessions :​

  • Warm up and stretch before entering the water;

  • Assembling, adjusting, preparing, putting on, removing and maintaining equipment;

  • Entering and exiting the water;

  • Weight adjustment;

  • Mermaid diving skills in open water;

  • Buddy procedures;

  • Equalization skills;

  • Effective dolphin kicking and gliding techniques;

  • Rescue an unresponsive diver on the surface;

  • Rescue a black-out diver underwater;

  • Mermaid diving skills practice, etc.

- Instructor fee

- Use of diving equipment ( Including mask, snorkel and fins)

- Use of Mer-fins and Mermaid tail

- PADI Advanced Mermaid Certification

- GoPro shooting

Duration: 12hrs+


- $4,980 mop each

Discount 10% off for two to four persons

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Contact us :

+853 66816481 / +853 66174447


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