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Course Introduction

我們提供全球最有公信力的三大認可自由潛水系統 AIDA, MOLCHANOVS 及PADI 的自由潛水課程,所有課程均由澳門自由潛水協會教練團隊任教, 為學員提供最優質教學。所有課程有效期一年, 上課時間可彈性安排, 只需要於有效期內完成理論, 泳池, 出海深度的要求時數及達到課程表現要求便可以獲得國際認可自由潛水證書, 安全地享受Freedive 的樂趣!

molchanovs wave 3 course.jpg

Molchanovs Wave3
freediving course

For professional freediver and takes you into a new depth.

MOP $6,950

PADI Master freediver course.jpg

PADI Master Freediver

If you're an advanced freediver who wants to learn how to fine-tune your lifestyle and training so that you can approach elite freediving levels

MOP $5,950

AIDA 4 star freediving course.jpg

AIDA4 freediving course

This course familiarises students with techniques, knowledge and safety procedures for deep freediving that go beyond recreational freediving.

MOP $5,950

Freediving Courses Compare
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