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Speedboat Driving Workshop


This course is specially designed for people who are inexperienced but interested in driving at the ocean. Under the guidance of experienced instructor, they can enjoy the experience of driving in the sea. This workshop reinforces the practical training in the real sea which is very beneficial to the licensed sailors or captains who are lack of sailing experience.  It will strengthen their confidence and safety awareness so that students can sail alone much easily in the future.

The content of this workshop includes:

(1) understanding of the boat; (2) basic inspections; (3) operation of the engine; (4) procedures for leaving the dock; (5) basic rules of navigation, chart reading, observation of navigation channels, and safety guidelines ; (6) anchoring and lifting procedures; (7) rescue and distress calls; (8) operation of parking; (9) operation of ropes; (10) disembarking issues.

Enrollment qualifications: those who hold a boat driver's license or are interested in sailing
Meeting location: Macau Yacht Club. Marina da Doca de Lamau, Ave. Marginal do Lam Mau (next to Caltex gasoline station)
Number of people: Up to 5 people
Instructor: Provided by Macau Watersports Association 
Available time:  9 am  to 5 pm
Pricing: $1400 MOP (2 hours) - minimum booking 2 hours

Kindly reminder :
(1) Students should bring towels and wear light clothes during class.
(2) If there is weather problem, the course will be cancelled or postponed.

Booking Enquiries Contact :

Whatsapp/Call: +853 6617 4447

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