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THODW Underwater Discoveries - Professional Diver Experience


Professional Diver Experience Tour includes :

• The Backstage Tour to uncover the secrets of the water-based show.


• Conduct a diving technique review and test in the shallow area of the stage pool under the guidance of the dive master, familiarize with the underwater environment and safety guidelines.


• Approximately 60-minute underwater diving experience. An insider reveal of the daily tasks of The House of Dancing Water’s professional divers. Discover the secret design of the underwater stage.


• Participants can brig their own diving photographic equipment for videotaping and photography, but it is required to be under the instruction of the on-site dive master; or staff will take photos of the diving and send the files to guests via e-mail.


• Required scuba diving equipment ( not included dive computer), diving suit, flippers, towels, personal care set, shower room, drinking water and locker will be provided. However, guest will need to prepare swimsuit for his own. (Towels and Slippers must be returned to the collection point after use)


• Nitrox tank can be provided for use, if Nitrox license is presented to dive master before onsite diving technique review and orientation.


• 2 guests are under supervision of 1 divemaster throughout the journey.


• The diving instructional course and dive will be conducted in English or Cantonese.


Pricing :

Original Price: Mop $3,800 each

Discount Price: Mop $1,980 each


Booking Enquiries Contact :


+853 6681 6481

+853 6617 4447


Official Webpage :

Terms and Conditions :

1. Professional Diver Experience Tour will be held every Wednesday to Sunday. Only for 4 guests maximum per tour. Booking must be made 7 days in advance.

2. Participants must be 15 years old or above. Participants under 18 years old must obtain a consent form signed by their parents/ guardians; participants over the age of 60 must submit Diving Medical Clearance to dive master for verification.


3. Participating guests must be a certified PADI / SDI / SSI / NAUI or equivalent SCUBA Diver or above certification, certification must be presented to dive master for verification before diving.


4. Participants are required to follow the below medical requirements:

-Customers affected by these medical conditions should not be allowed to participant in the dive

– Such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes (insulin dependent), pregnancy, and recent episode of heart or lung conditions (e.g. heart attack, angina, pneumonia, pneumothorax and Covid-19) within six months.

-Customers with these medical conditions require medical examination and must submit a Medical Clearance

– Such as history of heart or lung disease, unexplained episode(s) of loss of consciousness or ‘blackout’, history of nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath, repeated trouble clearing air spaces, appearance of not being physically fit, etc.

-Acute illness that requires participants to return to normal health, prior to their dive

– Such as cold, flu, injuries that significantly affect diving capability, illness or generally being “unwell”, sinus related illness (swelling, blockage or inflammation of sinuses), conditions requiring prescription medication that causes drowsiness or fatigue (may require a medical release), etc. Participants with the above medical conditions may be allowed to join the tour once they have fully recovered.


5. COD Resorts Limited reserves the right to restrict participant to perform the activity should the participant fail to meet the medical requirements during the assessment.


6. The participant is fully liable should any health issues occur during the activity that have been known prior by the participant but not declared.


7. All participants should be required to provide at least one readily verifiable Emergency Contact Information prior to acceptance in the diving activities.


8. All participants must read and sign a) the PADI Liability Release Form, b) the PADI Medical Statement, c) PADI Safe Diving Practices Statement. If there are any problems with the PADI Free Diver Medical History form, the form must be completed and signed by their doctor for health declaration in order to ensure the participant is suitable to perform such activity.


9. No cancellation or amendment is allowed after booking has confirmed.


10. Latecomers will not be admitted into the diving tour and the tickets are not eligible for refund.


11. Participants must pass the onsite diving technique review and orientation under the guidance of the dive master; otherwise, participants will NOT be allowed to join the Professional Diver Experience Tour. Payment will NOT be refunded under this circumstance.


12. Participants can bring their own diving photographic equipment for videotaping and photography, but it is required to be under the instruction of the on-site dive master; or staff will take photos of the diving and send the files to guests via e-mail.


13. Tickets are purchased for the session specified. All tickets sold are subject to Management’s right to cancel, alter and/or reschedule the tour and content or change the size of the group. In the event of cancellation/ postponement of a tour, the Management reserves the right to refund the amount paid or to reschedule the tour date.


14. COD Resorts Limited reserves the right of final decision on the amendments and interpretation of these terms & conditions (including the use, suspension, and cancellation of this voucher and/or this promotion) without prior notice.


15. All matters and disputes, including the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, will be subject to the final decision of COD Resorts Limited.


16. The English version of these terms & conditions shall prevail and the Chinese translation is for reference only.


17. Other terms and conditions apply (and will be provided upon request).

18. Professional Diver Experience Tour is provided by Merfolks.

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