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Ossidabile is an Italy brand which is designed and made in Italy.  It is a pendant to wear, a symbol of time, living matter that changes by changing faces and surfaces. The tiny, artistically sculpted pendants are bronze and oxidize in contact with the skin, transforming into a unique jewel in time.

Each pendant comes with a black cotton cord so you can string the charm and tie around the neck or wrist - completely adjustable to you!  Makes an excellent gift for all the divers or ocean lovers!

Ossidabile - Shark lover Collections

  • 9 - Hammerhead Shark (35 x 12 mm)

    9p - Hammerhead Shark + Stones (35 x 12 mm)

    66 - Whale shark (32 x 15 mm)

    89 - Lungimanus Shark (30 x 15 mm)

    94 - Tiger Shark (30 x 15 mm)

    104 - White Shark (35 x 15 mm)





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