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Experience true freedom of movement and comfort with the CORE Silicone Freediving Weight Belt.


The Molchanovs CORE Silicone Freediving Weight Belt is ideal for all types of freedivers, in or out of a wetsuit. The soft, non-slip silicone material gives the belt extra flexibility and durability compared to rubber weight belts, while the integrated Marseille buckle minimizes the risk of loss in water and need for replacement rivets. Available in 3 classic colors.


Silicone is soft and has superior flexibility, giving you a snug fit and conforming comfortably to your body - even for extended sessions in the water without a wetsuit.


Silicone is highly-resistant to saltwater corrosion, easy to clean, and less likely to harbor bacteria and mold compared to rubber weight belts.


An integrated buckle significantly reduces your risk of losing your belt in the water and eliminates your having to periodically check for missing rivets and buy replacements.

UV- and temperature-resistant

Silicone is more resistant to UV rays and chlorine than rubber. It also maintains its properties over a wide range of temperatures (between -60°C to 80°C / -76°F to 176°F), while rubber weight belts become stiffer and less flexible in colder temperatures.



  • Resistant to UV rays, chlorine, and temperature changes between -60°C to 80°C (-76°F to 176°F), and all diving-related conditions
  • Belt notches are located from 66 - 111cm (26 - 43.7in) on the belt with 3.5cm (1.4in) between each hole
  • Quick-release mechanism for emergency release
  • Integrated buckle for more reliability, durability, and less of a risk of loss
  • Compatible with all types of weights designed for weight belts
  • Designed for a total load of up to 12kg (22lb)
  • Molchanovs logo texture on the belt


Technical specifications

  • Material:
  • Belt: Silicone
  • Buckle: Stainless steel Marseille buckle
  • Dimensions: 133 x 4.5 x 0.4cm (52.3 x 1.8 x 0.2in)
  • Hip Size Range: 70 - 116cm (27.6 - 45.7in)
  • Maximum Load: 12kg (22lb)
  • Weight: 350g (0.8lb)
  • Colors: Black, Blue, and Pink

Molchanovs CORE Silicone Weight Belt

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