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The Ascent Dry Backpack freediving backpack is the ideal bag for freedivers and spearfishing enthusiasts. The backpack is made of a lightweight, durable and waterproof material . The capacity of the backpack is of 75 liters of volume, allowing you to transport your freediving equipment in simple fashion. You will be able to carry long freediving fins, a medium sized speargun, documents and accessories in the waterproof pockets. The ergonomic shoulder straps are comfortable, and allow you to carry the equipment even for long journeys. The shoulder straps can also be transformed into handles.

The main features of the Ascent Dry Backpack are:
• Waterproof and durable backpack
• Ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps
• Innovative rear zipper
• Waterproof key ring
• External document pocket
• Side gun holder
• Side fin holder


Volume: 75l / 4577in³

Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 90cm / 13.8 x 11.8 x 35.4in

Weight: 1.6kg / 35.3lb

Mares Ascent Dry Backpack

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