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* E-stretch four way stretch material.
* Yamamoto ultra stretch material for increased flexibility and comport.
* Special splash camo based on different color of sea water in different regions.
* Varies styles of camo series for option, Spearfishing, BlueHole, ShowChi.


  • Made up of 2 parts: high waist pant and a hooded jacket
  • Wide range of sizes and colors are available
  • Production time: 2 to 4 weeks
  • 25 sizes available, and for tailor made size (+ MOP900 for the whole set)
  • For personalized logo (+MOP300 each)
  • Can change 3mm to 5mm (+MOP300 up)


More colors and photos of ShowChi Camo wetsuit:

BESTDIVE 3mm/5mm ShowChi Camo Wetsuit (Women)

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