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A Deeper Sense of Safety


Since the inception of the first-ever freediving pulley system in 2016, we have regularly taken customer feedback and continued to modernize this fundamental safety tool. The A6061 Rope Pulley is the 4th generation of its kind, featuring an updated, minimalistic look and constructed from anondized A6061 aluminum and stainless steel for more durability. A strategically-placed handle makes for safer operation and ease of use, while nylon 9 wheels create less friction, requiring less effort when pulling up the line. The pulley comes in a vibrant orange color to ensure visibility, even in murky water.

The A6061 Rope Pulley is designed for dive lines with an 8-12mm diameter. Instructions are printed directly on the pulley for insertion of the dive line. To release the line, simply push down on the handle; to raise the line, place your foot between the pulley and the buoy with your foot turned outward. Learn why pulley systems are essential pieces of equipment for freedivers and find the written directions on how to set up the A6061 Rope Pulley system here.

Carabiner not included.


Details & Materials

  • Minimalistic design
  • Brightly-colored to ensure visibility
  • Push-to-release handle
  • Color: Orange


Technical Specifications

  • Materials: Anondized A6061 aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon 9 pulley wheels
  • Fits ropes from 8-12mm in diameter
  • Maximum Load: 500kg (1,102lb)
  • Weight: 300g (0.7lb)


Setup Instructions

The A6061 Rope Pulley must be used with a large carabiner, 100-120mm minimum (not included).

If you do not have a lanyard stopper already on the rope:

  • Begin by locating the end of the rope where the bottom weight will attach.
  • Pull the end of the rope under the metal pin (through the handle) and underneath the rope stopper (rope stopper should be in an open position*).
  • Continue feeding the rope under the rope stopper and out through the other side.
  • If you already have a lanyard stopper on the rope that cannot be removed:

  • Begin by locating the end of the rope opposite of where the bottom weight will attach to.
  • Push the end of the rope through the pulley system over the larger side with the wheel and underneath the rope stopper (rope stopper should be in an open position*).
  • Pull the rope through and continue feeding it underneath the metal pin (through the handle).


Secondary safety measure

When diving, it is recommended to take the remaining loose rope and secure it to a carabiner (we recommend using the clove hitch) attached to another place on the buoy outside of the D-ring area, such as one of the handles. This will provide a backup attachment point as a secondary safety measure (see the photo below for reference). Make sure to rinse the pulley system in fresh water after use and let it fully dry before putting it away for long-term storage.



  • Rinse thoroughly in fresh water after every use
  • Avoid dropping the pulley or knocking it against hard objects

A6061 Rope Pulley

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