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Molchanovs LAP2 freediving course

become more proficient in no fin techniques, and learn about the monofin technique which is fastest and most powerful way to navigate the underwater world. You will learn the history of freediving, how it all started, where, why and how we got where we are now. You will dive deeper into the physics of freediving, how it affects your body, learn about Dalton’s law and Henry’s law, and their relation to safe freediving. You will go into detail about distance dives and understand the main differences and adaptations of our bodies. You will continue your breathing education and improve the Frenzel equalization maneuver with specialized drills, tips and guidance.

As you progress with your technique skillset and performance, you also work further on mental training introducing mindfulness techniques tailored to different contexts. You will also be introduced to injuries related to freediving in the middle ear, inner ear, sinuses, and lungs, learn how to prevent and treat them. Safety is also brought up to a new level with details on blackouts, decompression illness, learning how to avoid them, and mastering advanced rescue techniques.


MOLCHANOVS LAP1 / AIDA2 Pool / PADI BASIC FREEDIVER or same degrees of other training center 

Course Schedule :

Theory class - 1 session (4 hrs):

  • Advanced Freediving Physics and Physiology Discussion

  • Advanced Frenzel (P,T,K,SP Lock)

  • Advanced breathing techniques and air control (glottis, soft palate, reverse packing, etc.)

  • Freediving Mental Techniques

  • Potential bodily harm and prevention

Pool training  - 2 sessions (2 hrs each):

  • Improve fin kicking skills, posture, and pool turns

  • Beginner Monofin Dolphin Kicks Movement Teaching

  • Dynamic without fins (DNF) movement teaching

  • Advanced Rescue Exercises

  • Self-Training Program (Molchanovs BASE 2 Training)

Performance of Completion:

  • Theory Exam

  • Static Apnea (STA): 2m 30s

  • Dynamic Apnea (DYN): 55m

  • Dynamic No Fins Apnea (DNF): 35m

Price: MOP $2,950 each

Contact us :

+853 66816481 / +853 66174447


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