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Molchanovs LAP1 freediving course
molchanovs lap1 course.jpg

Learning breath correctly in water and various safety knowledge in Theory class.

Learning how to use fins, learning no fin, practice Duck Dive, Dynamic, Static and rescues etc.


  • >16yrs

  • Can swim 200m non-stop without fins

  • Good Physical Health

Course Schedule :

Theory class - 1 session (4 hrs):

  • Basic psychology and physiology of freediving

  • Introduction to the Hidden Risks of Freediving

  • Mental Relaxation and Breathing Techniques

  • Equalization skills introduction

Pool training - 2 sessions (2 hrs each):

  • Equipment introduction and how to use them

  • Fin kicking technique, posture and pool turns

  • Buddy System and Rescue

  • Static Apnea (STA)

  • Dynamic Apnea (DYN)

Performance of Completion:

  • Theory Exam

  • Static Apnea (STA):1m 30s

  • Dynamic Apnea (DYN):30m

  • Static and Dynamic Apnea Rescue

Price: MOP 2,500 each

Contact us :

+853 66816481 / +853 66174447


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