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IKO Level 4 Kitesurfing - Advanced

You are ready to become more advanced and ready to learn more about the art of kiteboarding! Learn to master riding in all directions as well as basic jumping techniques! Learn how to help your friends with board recovery! Your IKO instructor will show various techniques like how to jump with grab, jibe and how to rescue another rider and his board. Theoretical topics will include how to better assess your riding location, kiteboarding safety and more about how to tune your kite.

Taichung, Taiwan / Vietnam / Sri Lanka / Thailand / Philippines / Pingtan, Xiamen / Boao, Hainan Island

Level 4 - ADVANCED

Level 4U:
.International kiteboarding signs

Level 4V:
.ROW (Right Of Way) rules

Level 4W:

Level 4X:
.Weather and tides

Level 4Y:

Level 4O:
.Basic jump
Level 4P:
.Power jibe
Level 4Q:
.Jump with grab
Level 4R:
.Jump transition
Level 4S:
.Rider recovery

Level 4T:
.Board recovery


MOP $600 per hour

*Not include equipment

Contact us :

Whatsapp / Mobile: +853 66816481

​Email address:

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