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AIDA3 freediving course

The course is designed to further develop skills from previous levels, to acquire new skills and gain a higher knowledge of safety procedures and techniques. The new techniques that are introduced are free-fall, Frenzel Equalizing, the use of training tables, the risks of increasing and decreasing pressure and also how to minimize these risks. Students will train these skills in the most common disciplines of freediving: Static Apnoea, Dynamic Apnoea, Free Immersion and Constant Weight.

The theory will include: Physiology, Equalization, Barotrauma, Lungs at Depth, Buoyancy, Shallow Water Blackout, Training Concepts, The Mammalian Dive Response, Decompression Sickness , Surface Intervals and the Freediver's Code of Conduct.


  • MOLCHANOVS WAVE1 / AIDA2 / PADI FREEDIVER or same degrees of other training center

Course Schedule :

Theory class -1 session (4 hrs):

  • Freediving Advanced Physiology and Physics, Freediving Safety and Injuries, Advanced Breathing and Relaxation Techniques, Self-Directed Training Program

Pool training - 2 sessions (2 hrs each):

  • Advanced STA training, posture correction, advanced DYN training, CO2 tolerance training, advanced rescue training

*Open water training - 4 sessions (2 hrs each):

  • Posture correction, Freefall diving skills, in-depth training, advanced buddy system, rescue training

Location:  Foshan Gaoming, Zang Sing, Philippines or Korea Paradive 35

​Maximum depth : 30m

Time: Flexible arrangement

Performance of Completion:

  • Theory Exam

  • Static Apnea (STA): 2m 45s 

  • Dynamic Apnea (DYN): 55m 

  • Constant Weight Apnea (CWT): 24-30m

  • 15m only hands ascent (Simulate spasms)

  • 10m no mask ascent

  • Rescue: 10-15m

  • Free Fall skill

  • Surface tow (Buddy rescue): 50m

Price: MOP $4,950 each

Contact us :

+853 66816481 / +853 66174447


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