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Japan StreamTrail Waist Bag II

-The side of this bag is changed to wetsuit cloth combined with waterproof tarpaulin to make the waterproof level higher, and can reduce the tear caused by the frequent opening and closing of the waist bag.

-The inner side is ergonomically designed with foam. Even if it is wet, it is easy to dry. It is closer to your needs.

-The ergonomic design of the surface in contact with the body makes you feel comfortable and breathable.

-All shoulder straps and webbing are made of polyester fiber, with excellent anti-slip effect.

-It is convenient to slant shoulders or directly as a waist bag.

-Cool appearance, domineering and stylish. It is loved by water activities lover, heavy machines and cycling groups. 


Dimensions: H210 × W290 × D100 mm

Capacity: 6L

Material:Tarpaulin & Nylon

Weight: 395g



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Stream Trail Waist Bag II

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