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AIDA4 freediving course

This course familiarises students with techniques, knowledge and safety procedures for deep freediving that go beyond recreational freediving. Preparing to become an assistant Instructor.


  • MOLCHANOVS WAVE2 / AIDA3 / PADI ADVANCE FREEDIVER or same degrees of other training center

  • Complete a course in First Aid with CPR within the last two years

Theory session(1 session, 4hrs):

  • Dalton's Law, Boyle's Law, Henry's law

  • Decompression Sickness, Nitrogen Narcosis

  • Failure Depth

  • how to increase VC and decrease RV

  • FRC Diving

  • Mouthfill

  • Packing

  • Fitness, Training and Nutrition, Diet for Freedivers

  • Concerns managing open water equipment

    • The use of appropriate knots and braiding techniques

    • Setting the depth on the dive line

    • Constructing a safe bottom weight from a weight belt and diving leads

    • Safe handling of other additional equipment (bottom plate, torches, lanyards, etc.)​

 Pool sessions(2 sessions, 2hrs each):

  • Advanced Static Apnea (STA) and Dynamic Apnea (DYN) Training

  • CO2 Table Training

  • Advanced Rescue Training

Open water sessions(4 sessions, 2hrs each): 

  • Freediving Buoy Setting

  • Advanced Constant Weight Apnea (CWT) Training

  • FRC Diving Training

  • Advanced Rescue Training

*Time: Flexible arrangement

Performance of Completion:

  • Theory Exam

  • Static Apnea (STA): 3m 30s 

  • Dynamic Apnea (DYN): 70m 

  • Operate CO2 Dynamic training table

  • Lead body warming

  • Constant Weight Apnea (CWT): 32-38m

  • FPR Diving Training

  • Mouthfill Frenzel 20m

  • 20m no mask ascent

  • 1-fin rescue 15m

  • Rescue 20m

  • Surface tow (BO diver): 50m

Price: MOP $5,950 each

Contact us :

+853 66816481 / +853 66174447


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