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The Best Training Fins For Freediving.


The CORE Silicone Bifins are the ideal training fins for all levels of freedivers, whether the objective is to develop symmetrical kicking technique or to perfect it. Having specific training fins helps freedivers concentrate on forming the perfect foundation of technique, which will optimize efficiency later on in performances with longer blades.


The CORE Silicone Bifins uses a special grade of silicone, ensuring a comfortable fit and efficient operation in any water temperature. The unique design is inspired by the CB2 Carbon: the blade shape, foot pocket, arch support, and the open heel. All were created to provide the highest level of efficiency with minimal effort, whether they are used for distance in the pool or for depth in open water.


The CORE Silicone Bifins material is hypoallergenic and UV-resistant with the Molchanovs minimalistic design. They are able to accommodate both narrow and wide feet due to the flexibility of the silicone. The arch support keeps feet in the optimal position during kick cycles to provide maximum efficiency, while the open-heel design is anatomically designed to for a comfortable fit. The blade features eight stabilizing rails with a specific curvature profile and stiffness distribution, making the CORE Silicone Bifins more efficient with the least amount of effort.


Whether you are a beginner or a competitive freediver, an instructor teaching a course, or an underwater photographer capturing the fun, the CORE Silicone Bifins belong in your gear bag.




The CORE Silicone Bifins are designed for a comfortable fit for freedivers. The fins come in ranges of two sizes that run true-to-size, so freedivers should buy them in their normal EU shoe size. If athletes want a tighter fit for more efficiency and control, they can purchase a size that is 1-2 sizes smaller than normal size for a more snug fit.


The CORE Silicone Bifins feature a unique foot pocket design that keeps the foot in an arched, pointed-toe position, which is ideal for streaming and for the back kick. In the pointed-toe position, the foot is naturally shorter in length compared to when it is flat against the ground. This means that when you stand upright with your feet flat against a surface while wearing the fins, they may feel slightly short in length, even though they have the correct fit when you are floating in the water.

Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins

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