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The EQ Trainer is an amazing way to work on your equalization even when the water is miles away. Strengthen, stretch, and train the glottis and soft palate muscles. Two pieces provide pressure control, allowing you to adjust the airflow and continue challenging yourself as you progress. The EQ Trainer is perfect for practicing the Frenzel, mouthfill, and reverse packing technique. Train yourself to go deeper, even on land!

What differentiates the EQ Trainer from other equalization tools is the ability to adjust and increase resistance. Frenzel, mouthfill, and reverse packing exercises can first be practiced without the balloon, but with increased resistance. When you are ready for more of a challenge, you can attach a balloon to the EQ Trainer and train with normal resistance. Once you have the exercises mastered, you can train your muscles and technique even further by increasing the resistance of the EQ Trainer with the balloon attached.


You can find a video detailing EQ Trainer exercises at


Materials: Made from high-density polyethylene, and comes with two balloons.

Made in Russia

EQ Trainer

SKU: eq01
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