PADI Kids Basic Mermaid Certification Course

The PADI Kids Basic Mermaid Course is the first step in developing mermaid skills. Through this course, Your kids that interested in Mermaid Diving will systematically learn mermaid diving skills and obtain a certificate.

What are the benefits of kids learning mermaids? ​‎

- Be more confidence in water

- grow taller, increase body coordination

- Best way to lose weight for obese kids

- Improve cardiopulmonary function

- Perfect character (completely relaxed in the water, not restrained not afraid of water)

- Meet new buddies to improve children's social skills

- Have an interesting skill to stay away from electronics


- 6 to 14 years of age

- Ability to swim and not afraid of water

PADI Kids Basic Mermaid Certification Course includes:

- Theory Session :

  • Learn the basic knowledge of mermaid diving

- Confined Water Session :

  • Warm-up and stretching before entering the water;

  • Equipment preparation, putting on, removal and maintenance;

  • Entering and exiting the water;

  • Weight adjustment;

  • Dolphin kick;

  • Equalization skills;

  • Safety skills (2 minutes of floating / treading water wearing all mermaid equipment; cramp relief );

  • Mermaid diving skills practice, etc.

- Instructor fee

- Use of diving equipment ( Including mask, snorkel and fins)

- Use of Mer-fins and Mermaid tail

- PADI Basic Mermaid Certification

- GoPro shooting

- Pool fee

Duration: 4 hrs+


- $2,480 mop each

- Discounted price for two or more persons: $1,880 mop each

*Only 1 on 1 for ages between 6-8 years

*Maximum 1 to 2 for ages between 8-10 years

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