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IKO Level 3 Kitesurfing - Independent

Ride independently and learn a few tricks like your first jump! It's time to become an independent rider and the more you learn, the more passionate you will become about kiteboarding! On this course, your IKO Instructor will show you how to ride upwind, toe-side,, and help you focus on higher skills like controlling your speed by edging, changing direction without stopping, self-launching and self-landing safely. As an independent rider, you’ll be able to ride on your own and rent equipment wherever you go.


Taichung, Taiwan / Vietnam / Sri Lanka / Thailand / Philippines / Pingtan, Xiamen / Boao, Hainan Island

Level 3J:
.Control of speed by edging
Level 3K:
.Ride upwind
Level 3L:
.Sliding transition
Level 3M:
.Ride toeside
Level 3N:
.Self-rescue and pack down in deep water


MOP $600 per hour

*Not include equipment

Contact us :

Whatsapp / Mobile: +853 66816481

​Email address:

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